Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Cold Fronts and Keeping Busy

Visitors! Lizzy and Dave are here!

I guess it hasn't all been cold and rainy weather, there have been some bright spots! The guys returned with the vehicles a few days before Christmas, and I must say that it definitely comes in handy. Trips to the grocery store, or propane exchanges are much easier now. It actually feels like we "live" here now, and I'm not quite sure if I like that feeling or not. Either way, we will be moving on in a few weeks and are very excited about that. 

Christmas came and we had a very nice pot luck dinner here at the Marina with our harbor family. Still didn't really feel like Christmas, but it was a nice day anyway. We spent New Years Eve on Links with Tim & Jill, and actually made it up 'til midnight! The next day was the Polar Bear Plunge (the water temp was 77!) and the chili cook-off. Our Friend Michele, from El Camino won the poultry division, and my dish won the seafood division. I must admit that it was only entry, but it was pretty tasty! Links also made an awesome jalapeƱo cornbread to go along with our dishes! Another great day.

The new year also brought us some visitors! Lizzy and Dave came for 4 days, unfortunately Pete didn't make it. He had a snowboarding accident and ended up with a broken leg. Luckily Grandma has been around to help him out, along with his friends. We did get out on the boat a few times with them and even made it to the reef for snorkeling. We love having visitors and showing them what our life is like on a daily basis. We didn't make them spend half a day in the laundry room, but Dave did help Bud clean the boat bottom! We had a blast, but needed a day to recover from staying up later than normal! 

As I sit here right now in my jeans and fleece, it is funny to look around and see everyone in hats and's 66 degrees out! We haven't seen the sun in a few days, but it's also been a good opportunity to take a ride and go exploring. We took a ride down the lower keys yesterday, and dropped in on an old neighbor that lives down here now. We also saw our first Key Deer of the trip while driving some back roads. There's also a blimp called Fat Albert out on Cudjoe Key. Not quite sure what it's for but there's all kinds of rumors. Spying on Cuba? Maybe. 

Little Key Deer Buck
Fat Albert

The gang relaxing at Sunset Grille

Captain Dad

 Looking forward to another visitor in a few days! JT is coming! Hopefully the weather will warm up!

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